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What Is Chebe Powder

Chebe powder has been used historically for hair within the cultures of Fulani, Tuareg and Bassara Arab tribes in Africa.

It is gotten from a shrub called Croton Zambesicus also known as Lavender Croton. This shrub is predominant in some parts of Africa especially Nigeria, Gambia, Chad Republic and Ghana.

Another plant chebe powder can be processed from is Lavender Feverberry, also known as Croton Gratissimu. This plant is found in Namibia and most northern parts of southern Africa. The plant is roasted, pounded and sieved to obtain the chebe powder.

 These chebe shrubs are tropical plants that usually grow in the rocky areas. This explains why it doesn’t grow in every regions of these countries mentioned above.

Chebe Powder Benefits

Since chebe powder started making headline, a lot has been written about it hence people have become increasingly confuse on the real benefits of this product.

Below are the 5 benefits of chebe powder that we have discovered:

  1. Chebe powder helps to naturally condition the hair by preserving the hair moisture.
  2. It also boosts the density of the hair which positively affects its strength and thickness. The chemical free ingredient in chebe powder arguably does a lot to the hair.
  3. It helps your hair to growth when used over a period of time.
  4. Preserving the moisture of your hair is another value chebe powder offers. No matter how hard it is for your hair to retain moisture, chebe will help.
  5. It offers great nourishment that improves your hair health         

Chebe Powder Ingredients

Here are the five (5) ingredients used in making Chebe powder:

  • Cherry seeds (Mahalaba)
  • Clove,
  • Lavender croton
  • Khumra / Humra perfume
  • Gum arabic, also known as acacia gum or mastic gum

Virtually all the ingredients used in the production of chebe powder are very aromatic in nature. They all have very unique aromas that can be used individually in the production of different perfumes. For instance:

Lavender croton leaves are used as perfume; they contain aromatic oils.

Cloves are scented flower buds of a tree. They are sometimes used to give aromatic and flavor qualities to hot beverages. Cloves are also a common element in spice blends.

Cherry seed (Mahalaba) is used in the production of aromatic spice. It has been used for centuries in the Middle East and the surrounding areas as a flavoring for baked goods.

Khumra is a Sudanese traditional perfume that can be used as raw material for other goods.

Regardless of the aromatic nature of these chebe ingredients, they contain other unique elements that are very beneficial to hair care. For instance:

Gum Arabic contains a complex mixture of glycoproteins and other compounds. Glycoproteins are usually product of different sugar and amino acids that can help strengthen and smooth hair

This gum consists of the hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree. In a few cases, it may not even come from Acacia species but other wild trees.

How To Make Chebe Powder

How to make chebe powder is simple – it involves mixing these ingredients I mentioned above and other ingredients you may wish to add.


  • Choose your mixing space – use a small bowl if you are making a small quantity or get larger space which can be a spacious clean floor (tiled, cemented or well prepared floor that is sand free.)
  • Pour your chebe powder into the mixing space and take out any unwanted particle.
  • Empty all your ingredients into the chebe powder and mix properly.
  • Transfer into a grinding machine for a smoother grain and mixture (optional)
  • You can also mix all the ingredients together (Cherry seeds, Clove, Gum arabic, Humra perfume) except the lavender croton and blend them together.
  • After mixing all the ingredients together, you can now pour them into the lavender croton and do your final mixing.
  • Once you are done with the final mixing, your chebe is ready to used
  • Always use a mixer if you are doing a large quantity. This will help you produce a finer blend.

There are other ingredients you can add to your chebe mixture to enable it do more work on your hair, perhaps faster. Additional hair growth ingredients you decide to add should depend on what your hair really needs or the hair result you want to achieve.

Here are some of the ingredients you can add to your chebe mixture:

Ceno Coconut oil is enriched with great amount of lauric acid which has a great attraction for hair protein.

This affinity helps protect not just the root but also the strands of your hair from breakage.

Castor oil: Castor Oil has a long history of facilitating hair growth. It helps stimulate healthy levels of hair growth and even combat hair loss

Vitamin E: this is very good especially when you using your chebe powder for chebe oil. It helps in hair growth and reduces premature hair graying.

Shea butter: this can also be applied in the chebe mixture or use it while applying chebe on your hair.

However, you might just skip this making process and buy yourself some chebe powder that have been mixed with the basic ingredients such as grow inches that is sold here.

You can then add additional ingredients you like; thereafter, your concern will now be how to mix and use it on your hair – keep reading to see how.

How To Mix Chebe Powder

How to mix chebe powder will depend on the method of application you want to adopt.

The mixing method I have shared with you is basic – one of the traditional methods used by Chadian women. There are other methods such as the chebe oil method which I have also shared in this post.

Mixing Instruction:

  • Take 100 grams of shea butter or any of your favourite natural hair butter
  • Mix with 100 grams of coconut oil or your favourite carrier oil until the shea butter gets creamy like a paste
  • Add 2 teaspoon of Chebe Powder into the mixture
  • Stir this mixture properly until you have a uniform blend

How To Use Chebe Powder


How to use chebe powder also differs. It will also determine how you are going to mix it.

However, the method below is one of the popular methods used by the women of Chad to apply chebe powder on their hair and I will talk about other method later in this post.


  • Firstly, the application must not be done on the scalp but on the hair only
  • Segment your hair into different smaller partitions to make the process easier
  • Wet your hair properly with water. You can use a spray bottle if you have one.
  • Apply the creamy paste you just mixed on your hair as a foundation to hold the chebe powder
  • Now, coat the paste on your hair with some chebe powder and massage so the chebe powder and the paste will blend thoroughly.
  • Re-braid the hair to keep the moisture and chebe inside
  • When the braid is done, re-wet your hair and then let it dry.
  • Remove the excess and then put a wig on it if you want
  • Every 3- 5 days, un-braid your hair and repeat the process.
  • If you notice any build up, wash your hair thoroughly before repeating the process.

How To Wash Chebe Powder Off Your Hair

  • Be gentle on your hair else you will damage your hair.
  • Apply oil on your hair to enable you manage it while removing the powder
  • Detangle your hair to remove the chebe that is left on your hair before using your organic conditioner
  • Remove all the excess before going to shower.
  • Apply a conditioner on your hair and finger the tangle. When your hair is saturated with the conditioner, then go straight and watch it off.
  • Always start from the bottom of your hair and wash your way up while using your brush to stroke-wash the hair
  • Now use your shampoo to wash your hair.
  • When your hair is chebe free, you can condition your hair with your favourite conditioner and apply a leave in

 Basically, your day-to-day activities have a huge influence on how you would like to apply chebe powder.

For instance, if you are such a busy person like the 9-5 workers who seldom has time for herself, you might find it difficult going through the process of applying and carrying chebe powder on your hair for 3-5 days or more like the Chadian women.

  So, if you are one of those busy people that wants to give chebe powder a try,  your prefer  application option would be a simpler method that will ensure your hair gets the benefits and nutrients of chebe powder without looking messy.  One of those methods is chebe oil method.

How To Use Chebe Powder On Relaxed Hair

You can use chebe powder on a relaxed hair and it is very easy. Simply stick with the chebe application rules and you will have your hair enjoying the benefits of chebe nutrients.  

  • Shampoo and condition your hair properly.
  • Apply the creamy paste you mixed on your hair and proceed to coating the paste with chebe powder
  • Massage the chebe powder and the paste on your hair thoroughly.
  • Plait your hair or twist up. You can also use cornrows to preserve the moisture
  • Rewet your hair and remove the excess paste and powder
  • Unbraid your hair and reapply the every 7 days.
  • If you notice any build up, follow the washing instruction to wash your hair before repeating the process.

Chebe Oil

Chebe oil is gotten from the combination of Lavender Croton (chebe powder), essential oil like coconut oil or a combination of more than one essential oils and heat.

The idea is to infuse the nutrients of chebe powder into the oil so you can still enjoy the benefits and nutrients of chebe powder while using it differently.

This method saves time. You don’t have to go through the process of making paste, applying it, re-braid your hair and waiting for 3-5 day to repeat the process again.

How To Make Chebe Oil

  1. Empty three (3) table spoons of Chebe into a clean, jar
  2. Pour into the jar 200ml of coconut oil or karkar oil or your preferred carrier oil like almond oil, olive oil, castor oil etc. You can also mix the oils in a uniform ratio until you get 200ml. If the oil does not cover the chebe powder by at least 1 inch, or your powder soaks up all of the oil, then pour more oil on top to ensure the chebe powder is well covered.
  3. Mix properly and close the jar very tight.
  4. Place jar where there is enough sunlight. Window areas are usually great and shake once or more per day.
  5. After 2-3 weeks, properly strain the herbs out of the oil using cheese cloth or a mesh strainer. 
  6. Transfer the oil into a glass bottle and store in a cool dark place.
  7. Add vitamin E oil to prolong the shelf life (optional).

The heat process used in making chebe oil is preferably solar – natural sunlight.

This is to help preserve the heat sensitive organisms that can be destroyed by normal heating process.

However, if you live in a low temperature area, you can use a controlled heating system like the double boiler method.

Double Boiler Method

This heating method is good because it does not heat the oil too high, hence the ingredients are also not destroyed. It is also quicker because you don’t have to wait for days. The main challenge here is having to monitor the oil for several hours because it is done on a low heat.

How To Use Chebe Oil

  • Firstly, apply the general precaution of performing a Patch Test prior to full use to ensure you don’t react to it.
  • Apply as a leave in, or for twist outs, or for daily use
  • It can be left in hair or rinsed out.

Warning: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding please ask your Doctor/Physician if it’s okay to use this herbal oil.

Chebe Powder And Karkar Oil



CS Chebe powder and karkar oil offer great result to your hair when used together. These two natural products are made up of several natural ingredients that offer your hair great result.

Chebe powder and karkar oil are popularly used by the Chadian and Sudanese women to help boost their hair growth thus maintain a long attractive healthy hair.

This combination is not new but old and very effective – It makes the hair thick, soft and long.

How To Use Chebe Powder And Karkar Oil For Hair Growth

Over the months, different people have come up with different recipes to suite their hair types and lifestyles. Here is one of those methods you can use to apply chebe and karkar oil to your hair:

  1. Take 100 grams of your favourite hair butter (shea butter, animal fat, etc.)
  2. Mix with 200ml of karkar oil until the shea butter gets creamy like a tooth paste
  3. Add 2 teaspoon of Chebe Powder into the mixture and stir this mixture properly until you have a uniform blend
  4. Wet your hair and fragment it into different portions
  5. Apply the chebe butter paste you just made on your hair
  6. Use only the chebe powder on your hair. The creamy paste you earlier apply will hold it.
  7.  Now massage your hair properly to blend the cream and the powder while ensuring it doesn’t get to your scalp
  8. Re-braid the hair; remove excess cream and powder and rewet your hair.
  9. Every 5-7 days, unbraid your hair and repeat the process or wash off thoroughly if you notice any irregularity. For my instruction above on how to go about washing your hair.

Note: if you are uncomfortable moving around with your current hair status after applying this chebe and karkar oil mixture, then you can wash it off in the morning.

This means you should consider applying this treatment at night and then wash it off in the morning.

Chebe Powder In Nigeria

Chebe plants grow majorly in North Nigeria (bordering the Sahel region).

Ask any Fulani woman about chebe powder and they will tell you more of it including where to buy some.

I have also seen the tree in some parts of south West Nigeria where it is used for herbal medicine and treatment.

But in my search, I couldn’t find it within the south east and south southern parts of Nigeria.




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